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The Tamang Society of Greater Washington

Post by : Shyam Lama    Date : 2015-03-04 06:22:30

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The Tamang Society of Greater Washington (TSGW) is a non profit making organization established for the welfare of Tamang community. The TSGW's primary objective is to preserv e its' culture and heritage and encourage mutual cooperation among all Tamang people an indigenous ethnic group of Nepal who live in and outside the United States and to promote a mutual bond of friendship. To further diversify social and cultural development in the community, as well as recognize, promote, and encourage education as a means of self development, the TSGW shall encourage unification with all Tamang individuals and organizations that value our cultural dignity. Tamangs see themselves as having great joy and hope in the Tamang Society, and with the potential to become responsible for the socio-cultural, educational, and economic development of the community. The general membership is open to all people of Tamang origin who agree to comply with its current by-laws and membership policies. An honorary membership is also available for persons, regardless of their ethnicity, who respect and understand the goals of the TSGW.

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